Providing Accessible Learning Opportunities in Economics and Finance

Our unique and effective capacity building program in economics and finance provides the knowledge, skills, and language that are key for solving environmental challenges. CSF courses are taught by experts who understand real-world development issues and who demonstrate how economics can advance environmental goals in practical, strategic ways. This approach is crucial at a time when global-scale environmental changes are being driven by diverse economic factors, and when conservation leaders are striving to preserve critical ecosystems.

Economics & Finance for Environmental Leadership

CSF's International Flagship Course

Our 2021 Course has concluded, but you can join a new cohort of international leaders in 2022. Click below to learn more.

CSF Video Lessons

Want to understand the economic drivers of environmental problems? How to value things in the natural environment? The essentials of fisheries and forestry economics? Step-by-step instructions on cost-benefit analysis? View our video lessons to learn more!
Person deciding how much to pay for benefits of forest

In-Person Training Opportunities

Past, Present, and Future

CSF offers training in economic tools to empower local conservation organizations, decision-makers, and communities. Explore past, present, and future fellowship and training opportunities for specific countries on CSF's main website.

CSF Instructor David Johnson (Lecturer at Stanford University, Harvard University and currently the University of Wisconsin), explains how economics training can change the way conservationists view markets and environmental services.


Our capacity building program has reached 3,000+ people working for 700+ organizations in 90+ countries. Our alumni are using economics to be more strategic in their work, and influence local, regional, and national-level decisions in favor of nature:

  • 95% say the CSF course was one of the most useful short courses they have ever attended

  • 95% say their CSF training experience changed how they approach their work

  • 82% say attending the CSF course contributed to a career advancement

  • 75% say the CSF training helped them achieve a specific success


Titus Muia

Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, Kenya

“This training is one of the greatest ideas in community-based conservation. It has empowered me as a key decision maker in a conservation organization to have a not just a voice, but a voice of reason. This is exactly what I needed, and now I have it, thanks to CSF.”

Scott Edwards

Executive Director, Conservation Strategy Fund

"It is our conviction that by raising economic literacy and building a better case for conservation, we can direct human behavior and decision making to support better outcomes for people and nature."

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